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Top Baby Knitting Patterns

Little ones grow so fast that they’ll need a constant supply of new clothes, so if you’re new to knitting you’ll certainly get lots of practice. We’ve picked some of our favourite baby knitting patterns to get you started, and once you’ve mastered these you won’t look back!

Snuggly baby bootees

Nothing looks cuter than tiny feet in tiny bootees, and this Sirdar pattern is absolutely adorable. There are four bootee styles to choose from, including picot edge, ballet slipper-style and two different boot-shaped styles.

Whether you’re making these bootees for a new baby or a 1 to 2-year-old, you’ll only need one ball of yarn, and it’s a great item to embellish with ribbons or other decorations. Once you’ve mastered this pattern it’s a great idea to make it in a few different shades so you have a ready supply of footwear!

Baby Hats

As all new parents know, one of the joys of having a new baby is dressing him or her up in adorable outfits, and these animal hats fit the bill. A great fun knit, this Sirdar pattern lets you create a cat, rabbit, owl or fox complete with smiley face and pointy ears.

You’ll need just one ball of yarn for the main colour, and two for the embellishments. This pattern is great for using up extra bits of yarn you have lying around, and it’s sure to bring a smile to your little one’s face!

Baby Blankets

This chunky blanket is a great project that new knitters will love. You’ll need larger needles and a chunky weight yarn so it’s relatively easy to work, and looks great even if the rows aren’t perfectly straight! This is one of the very first items your baby will use, so it’s a great first knit to do during pregnancy.

If you’d like to try any of these patterns, remember to pick up your yarn and needles too – each product page has a handy guide so you’ll know exactly what you need!

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